Canvas Corp Brands January Challenge - Word of 2017

Hi everyone and welcome to 2017.  I am very excited about this new year. As part of the Canvas Corp Brand Crew, we were asked what our word for 2017 would be.  I really thought about this and I wanted it to have some meaning.

In 2016 I did some soul searching and really thought about where I wanted to take my crafting "hobby."  I have dabbled in many crafting styles and have tried different mediums as well.

I created an Instagram account in 2016 and I also started a You Tube Channel.  But what I found was that I was all over the place with my crafting. So when we were asked to think about or word...I really gave it some thought.

Now when you look at this from far away, it is hard to see the word. There are a lot of background distractions and it is easy to get lost. But if you FOCUS and don't let the BACKGROUND NOISE distract you, you can see that my word for 2017 is CLARITY!

I have CLARITY in the direction I want to go with my crafting and I have set some goals for myself to work towards those goals. First and foremost, this is a journey of enjoyment for crafting and that will always come first.  But I find that when I do set goals for myself, I become more focused and better at my ART.

Here is how I created this sign.

I picked up this sign at an antique shop for a few dollars. At the time, I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with it, but it was a good price so I picked it up.

I removed the wood portion from the metal frame and covered it using some washi tape.

I then used some texture paste and a stencil to add some more interest and texture to the background.

I cut out some butterflies from the Canvas Corp Brand paper called Spring Showers: butterflies on Ivory. 

I adhered the butterflies using Distress Collage Medium and added a few number rubbings.  I also used Walnut Stain Distress ink to distress the edges of my board.

Once everything was dry, I adhered my wood piece to the metal frame using my glue gun.

As a final touch, I added three vintage keys to the bottom of the met frame.

I plan on keeping this sign hanging in my studio to remind me to not let the background noise distract me from my goals and to provide me CLARITY in 2017!

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Clarity is helpful in every area of our lives. We wives get so caught up in all the responsibilities of the household sometimes, that we forget to sit down and clear your minds. I choose to clear my mind with crafts and gardening. This year I am making planters out of bronze tubes. Very pretty, and kills two birds with one stone.


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