Finding our Creativity

Where does our creativity come from? It is so different for so many people. One of the things that I love doing is visiting antique shops and sifting through old items of the past.  Another word for it is Junking! You never know what you will find our who you will run into.

Many of you know me for my vintage inspired creations and my admiration for Tim Holtz.  Not only do I love his product, but I love his style and I get a lot of my inspiration from him.  I think the biggest gift he has given me is the ability to let go and own the "imperfections" of my designs. It was only then that I could really build on my style.

I also love taking lots of pictures while junking. I am not sure exactly what I will do with them, but they make me  happy and I am inspired by them.  I may frame them and put them up in my studio so I am surrounded by yesteryear while I create.

The booths give me decorating ideas and If I am lucky I may even find a few items that I can use as props for the photos of my designs. Now if I am really lucky, I can find an item that is great aesthetically as well as practical.

I found this old cabinet that looked awesome. When I opened it up, I knew exactly what I could use it for. It was just the perfect size to hold my washi tape.

So I would say that my day was complete. I finally got to me one of my favorite people and I found a great addition to my studio.  All in all...a good day!

Thanks for stopping by!