Path of Positivity -Midway Poste - Resiliency

Hi everyone and happy Monday. I am here today to share my midway post for the challenge over at Path of Positivity. Our theme this month is Resilience.

Have you every thought about the effort a spider takes in weaving its web? Many people are afraid of these creatures and I am one of them, but if you take away the creepiness of the spider and step back and look at how beautiful their webs are, you can't help but be in awe.

We often times will destroy these beautiful webs they have spun and they simply will start over and re create what they have made time and time again.

So when you see these creepy little bugs crawling around, they may not be beautiful, but the webs the spin sure are.

There still is plenty of time to play along in our challenge. Hope to see you over at Path of Positivity!

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  1. I really like the peach background tones with the oranges and black in your image! The spiders around the edge definitely add fun! Spiders creep me out, too; but you are so right, they are pretty amazing how quickly they can spin those webs. I work out in the barn taking down the webs daily, and those resilient creatures have more for me the next day!


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