You can find everything on line...

Since I have started this blog and opened my online store TaylorMade4U on Ecrater, I have been so much more aware of what is available on line. I joined an online sellers support group where I have met some great people very willing to help me along the way. I have also had a chance to visit some of their store and found some really great products. It has got me thinking about holiday gifts. A few years ago, I started my niece on the American Girl craze. I found a cute little store called Nancy's Doll Closet that has some really cute items. I also found a store called Sirocco's Trading Post that features Native American Jewelry. My in-laws love that stuff! At this rate, I will have my shopping done before December where I can relax and enjoy the month. On line has made our lives so much easier and opened us up to so many more options. I am hoping that my greeting cards will make life easier as well. I try to be creative and unique when I put together my cards. I also try to personalize whenever possible giving it that extra touch. But sometimes you just go back to traditional. That is why I love this card. It has that vintage look that I just love and never goes out of style.
If you start your holiday plans early, you too will be able to find unique, fun gifts on line. It is like a scavenger hunt. Make your list and go hunting. Be creative, try some of these other venues like Ecrater, Etsy, Shophandmade or Webstore other than your traditional stores. You will be amazed at what you will find. I know I was. HAPPY HUNTING!