Card Kits

I  started scrap booking when my son was born, which was 16 years ago. So the transition from scrap booking to card making was relatively easy. One of the big crazes now is card making kits. People are able to make their own handmade cards without dropping a fortune on supplies. What a fantastic idea! It is a way to "get your feet wet", so to speak. It seems you can find a kit for almost any occasion, Birthdays, holidays, or just simple note cards. I got my niece into card making. She LOVES to visit Aunt Monica because she always has such "cool stuff" in her craft room (aka guest bedroom). I put together a starter kit for her and add to it on birthdays and holidays. I thought some kits would be perfect for her for holiday cards. I put together this Halloween kit,
 and plan to put a kit together for her for Christmas as well. She loves these! And I think it is so cute when she give me one of her handmade cards. I truly cherish those.  So it seems you don't have to be a crafty or even creative person to make handmade cards anymore, just have to have a kit, some adhesive and you are ready to go! If my 9 year old niece can do it, so can you.