Inspiration Comes from many places...even Adoption

I was invited to an adoption celebration party. This was my third one for the same family. This might seem like a lot for one family, but I live near a family that has 8 children and 6 have been adopted. The children they adopt are not babies, they are foster children that win their hearts and become their own. Well of course I could not show up without a card. How often do we get to give a Congratulations card for a new "adopted" baby or child. Not too often, and I would guess these cards would be hard to find. There are so many poems, and inspirational quotes on line that work great for greeting cards. I didn't want it to look like a traditional "baby" card, because he most certainly is NOT a New Baby, but is New to the family. So this is what I came up with. After the party, I got to thinking about how many people actually may need cards for newly adopted children. One of the reason's I got into making cards and listing on TaylorMade4U was to be able to have a card for "any" occasion. So I decided to make another card. I am partial to Pink, so I created a "baby girl" card. I will make a matching one for a "baby boy", but wanted to share with you my creation.