Forgotten Holidays

Did you know today is Aunt & Uncle Day? I didn't, but apparently it is. As a maker of greeting cards, you would think I should know that, but I didn't. Nowadays, it seems we have a special day for almost anything. We even have days to celebrate a flavor of ice cream, July 23rd was Vanilla Ice Cream Day. But lets not forget the reason Holidays or Special Days were created. They are a time for remembering and celebrating, whether it be your Parents,
 or even the birth of Jesus. Now we don't need to have a particular day to tell someone they are appreciated, but we certainly should not forget the days that are dedicated to these special people. I found this link for 2013 holidays and Special Days. It is a way to keep us all in "the know" for up coming Days we should remember. Some of them are just fun days, but it will give you something to quiz your friends and family about. And just as a heads up, this Sunday is Parent's Day. So don't forget about Mom & Dad!