How to Pick the Perfect Gift Card...Holder

How much thought goes into a "gift card" as a gift. Probably not a lot. Where you can personalize the "Gift Card" gift is with the Gift Card holder.  What better way to do this than with a hand made gift card holder. As we get closer to the holiday shopping season, shoppers tend to give up on finding the perfect gifts and revert back to the safe gift, the "Gift Card". These days you can find Gift Cards everywhere, even grocery stores. You don't even have to pay full price for Gift Cards any more if you buy your gift cards from Costco or Sam's Club. And even better, if you have enough reward points on your credit cards, sometimes you can redeem these, getting your gift card for free. 

I too sometimes revert back to the impersonal gift card, but I do personalize my gift cards with hand made holders. I have been working on Gift Card holders over the last several days and plan to use them for Birthday's, Christmas and Teacher's Appreciation Day. I hope to offer a variety for the holiday season at TaylorMade4U.  These cards open up to house a standard size Gift Card and even have room to write a personal note. With as many choices of Card paper as there are, I can even go a step further and create a "Converse or Shoe" gift card holder or Coffee gift card holder.

So remember, if you are going to rely on the convenience and and ease of buying that gift card for that special occasion, at least personalize it with a Hand Made Gift Card Holder.