Changing Colors

Most recently when I think of colors I think of Fall. Colors change and it is a favorite time for many. I know in Arizona, it is a favorite time as the temperatures start to finally cool down. We don't have the changing colors, but we do get to finally get outside with out it being 100 degrees. Unfortunately, we still have a few months before we get into "Fall", but at least I have something to look forward to and more time to stock up on my Fall Cards. The theme this week is Brown. As I went on my "hunt" for items featuring brown, I wasn't quite sure what I would find. But I did stumble upon this really cool Buffalo.
Brown Glass Buffalo

 It reminded me of when my family and I took a trip to Yellowstone National Park. We saw herds of buffalo on that trip. You can find this cute little guy at Sirocco's Curios, listed for $3.95. His shop has a lot of really cool items. You should definitely check it out.


  1. Thank you for mentioning the glass buffalo for sale in my store. I too, made the trip to Yellowstone two years ago and came across herds of buffalo. They are quite majestic.


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