Are Greeting Cards an endangered species?

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Since I have opened up my online store of handmade greeting cards, TaylorMade4U I have searched out articles talking about greeting cards. I came across this article questioning if greeting cards are becoming an endangered species due to the "digital age". It listed several reason's why people do not send greeting cards anymore, and as I read them, I thought to myself, "have we really become so busy and so impersonal that we can't stop to send a nice card/note to someone in our own handwriting"? My In-laws recently sold their house of 45 years and in cleaning out their drawers and closets came across some old written letters and cards. They had saved these because they were of sentimental value. Many of the people that had written these cards and letters have passed on and it gave us a glimpse of them again through their handwritten words. We say that we are so busy we do not have time to send traditional cards, yet we spend hours on the internet these days or sitting in front of the T.V. We rely on social media's to send our "quick" sentiments. While these are convenient and fast, they certainly do not require a lot of forethought. Many people feel "snail mail" is refreshing with all the digital overload. It is nice to open your mail box and receive a personal card instead of just junk mail or bills. And regardless of what you might hear, people truly do appreciate the hand written note. I require my son to send personal "Thank You" cards upon receiving gifts. I have had so many people tell me how much they truly appreciate that. Well fortunately I found another article that stated paper greeting cards are almost coming full circle again. It went on to say that they're becoming popular again largely thanks to the opportunity to personalize them. I save most of my cards I receive. I have even made picture collages of my favorites and have them hanging on the wall. Maybe greeting cards are old fashioned, but I am a traditionalist (and hopefully I am not alone) and I like to sometimes slow down and smell the roses..or just read a nice card.

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  1. Very well written post! I still enjoy getting personal messages in the mail and I save all that I get. Unfortunately, I do not send nearly as many as I should. My mother saved much of her personal mail and I enjoy reading the messages from back in the 1930s.


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