New Design Team

Hi everyone! I am excited to introduce you to my new and first design team. 
As many of you know, I recently started creating digital images and Passport kits for my shop. I never imagined how fast this new part of my shop would grow. With growth, I needed help to share projects and inspiration for some of my items, and I found a few girls to help me out. 

Let me introduce you to Aly Sheridan from Simply Angelic Crafts

Aly created this beautiful holiday card using the Woodland Santa Set. the Santa is from an old Russian post card I found in one of my local Antique shops. You can learn more about this project over on her blog.

Next is Alina Florea from AlliElla Craft. 

Alina used the Toys and Dolls set to create this Beautiful vintage Christmas Card. This is such a sweet card, perfect for any little girl. You can learn more about this project over on her blog. 

Next we have Marcia Caradinta from The Frolicking Fairy. 

Marcia has created this cute little box using some images from the Retro Santa Set. This box is perfect to use as a little storage box or a small little holiday gift. You learn more about this project over on her blog. 

I will be back on December 24th to introduce the next three members of my Design team. Thanks so much for stopping by!


  1. Wow! Such lovely and inspiring projects! Fabulous digital images, Monica! :o)

  2. Very exciting and wow to the design team projects!

  3. This is extraordinary! I am so blessed and grateful to be part of this amazing team :) Great projects everyone :)


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