Tim Holtz - Paper Trimmer

Hi everyone! I wanted to share with you a recent addition to my craft room. I currently have a big guillotine cutter that I picked up from Harbour Freight awhile ago. It works great for cutting paper, but is not very mobile.

I wanted to have a tool that was light weight and easy to transport. The Tim Holtz 8.5" guillotine cutter by tonic studios fit the bill.

I created a video to share all the features and give a quick demo.You can click below to check that out.

 Here are some of the features:

  • Paper guard that protect fingers and prevents paper movement

  • Self sharpening blade with every cut

1/4" grid pattern with popular paper size marking

This paper cutter is perfect for card making and can be used with both paper and card stock.  It has a great price point and is a perfect addition to my crafting tools.

Thanks for stopping by.

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Tim Holtz - Tonic Studios - 8.5 Paper trimmer
Tim Holtz 
 Tonic Studios
- 8.5 Paper trimmer
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