Creating Custom Orders

It is always exciting when I get an order in my Etsy shop. But believe it or not, it is twice as exciting when someone contacts me and asks if I can do a special order. 

That is exactly what happened about 3 weeks ago. I was contacted by author Jey Tehya and she asked if I could create a birthday card for her publisher and incorporate the cover of her new book.  She only had three requests.

1.  Use the picture she provided (cover of her book)
2.  Incorporate the month January
3.  Use the words "Happy Birthday"

Other than those 3 requests, she left the creative design to me.  The stamp set I used is from Graphic 45 and is from the Typography set.  I found a vintage library book date card and modified it to add Jey as the Author and The Title of her book.

This is exactly why I love to create cards. Because this is a unique design, it probably will become a keepsake and it has captured a memory.  Many have heard me say that "I capture memories through card making" and this is how I do it.

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