Message to Mom...BE...

I am still playing with the Adhesive Rub On's from Prima as well as the Deco Foil. The set that I am working with is called "Loved Words."  When I first started playing with this new toy, I didn't realize I was going to be making a set of three "BE" cards, but that is the way it turned out.

And I certainly didn't think that these would turn into Mother's Day Cards. But sometimes you find the perfect sentiment to go with a card and a light bulb goes off.  Some may not agree, but we are our mothers. In some ways right? So I thought these would be a great message to share with our Moms. 

Be Yourself! That is who we love and growing up this was a constant message in my household. Don't try to be someone else, BE YOURSELF!

BE STRONG! You can still be strong and cry, or even be vulnerable. It is the strength within that makes us who we are today.

And finally, BE LOVE! Unconditionally, we give love and we receive love from our Mothers!

I hope you like my "BE" Set and thanks for stopping by!

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