Amazon launches Handmade

Did you hear the news? Amazon has launched handmade. This can be the next big site for crafters to sell their items to a huge audience.

I am curious how this will impact Etsy, which is where many crafters currently are selling their handmade items. I have an Etsy store called Taylormadecards4u and have done fairly well, but Amazon could potentially be a larger audience.

The featured items will be sold directly by the artisans ranging from jewelry to artwork. These are factory free items and must be hand made.

There is an application process that takes about 4 weeks where the Amazon team will review the answers to the questions they provided to see if you actually do fit into this "handmade" community.

Interested artisans can click Here: apply online to sell their items on Handmade at Amazon. I have submitted my application and am anxiously awaiting!  No fee's have been released as of yet, but I  was told that they are making some special considerations to attract artisans to get this platform launched

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