Where has the time gone?

Do you remember what you were doing 21 years ago? These days it seems like I can't remember what I was doing yesterday, but I do remember 21 years ago. I think back to those times and wonder where the time has gone. My path has taken me from California, to Maryland and finally settling in Arizona. I remember the day my son was born, and his first words "bubbles". I think about all the jobs I have had and how difficult it was when I had to be away from my family for business trips. I have been in Pittsburgh the last 2 weeks and will be in Ohio next week, but it is just part of "the job". Don't get me wrong, I certainly do miss my family, but my son is now 16 and doing his own thing, and rarely needs "mommy" anymore and my husband and I are secure enough that we can deal with the time apart. But it is days like today, that it is tough to be a "road warrior" as we are called. I would love to be home and wish my husband a "Happy Anniversary" in person, but this year, on this day, we will celebrate it apart, but the way I see it, I celebrate life with him every day, and am thankful for the blessings in my life!


  1. Aw... Happy Anniversary! I'm sure you will celebrate when you get home. Meanwhile this was a beautiful tribute.


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