Is it too early to start thinking about Christmas?

Holidays have been on my mind. I know that seems crazy, but if you are a crafter and creator of handmade gifts, then it probably doesn't sound too crazy to you. I have been busy working on Halloween cards, but Christmas cards are not too far off. The weekly blog topic in my scavenger hunt group is "Light". As the holidays get closer, we will start to see lots of lights going up inside and outside of houses. I found this pretty Angel at Le Petit Marche that will light up any Christmas Tree top. What a great addition this would be to a Christmas tree. Her store has a category called "Christmas Things"  that you should check out. You may find exactly what you have been looking for.


  1. What a perfect selection for the theme.

  2. What a great tree topper. Have you ever thought about doing a December Daily but do it to caputre your Scavenger Hunt fun? Sounds intriguing and a lot of fun.


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