My Visit to Viva Las Vegas

Hi everyone! I recently took a trip with my husband to Las Vegas, and of course we had to visit the stamp shop called Viva Las Vegas!  If you are ever in Las Vegas, this is a must see!

It was a little shop, but the space was utilized to capacity. It had rows and rows of stamps!  Most of the stamps were on the wooden blocks, but you can get them mounted or unmounted. I chose to get mine unmounted and shipped to me for free.

Now if you are hesitant about purchasing unmounted stamps, I put together a video to show you how to mount and store these. It is a huge savings to buy them unmounted, plus you save a lot of storage space.

I think we ended up spending a couple of hours there as there was so much to see. I walked away with a great bunch of stamps. I can't wait to start using them.

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Want to find the products I used? I have listed them below. (Compensated affiliate links used at no cost to you. Thank you!  All products were personally purchased and my post was NOT paid for or sponsored.) Click on the icons below each product picture.


  1. Wow, I know my hubby is glad I didn't know about this shop when we went to Vegas a couple years ago! lol Of course, he would've just left me there and gone to gamble. haha Can't wait to see what you got!


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