The Sidekick now has Side Orders!

I have finally found some time to play with one of my new toys I picked up before the holidays. While many of you may thing "why do I need another die cut machine", I am here to tell you why I needed one!

Now this sidekick is not a new product. Other designers have had this out for a while. But Tim Holtz recently put his out on the Market..and he of course was strategic as he released the new "Side Orders" at creativation, which will work perfectly with the "Sidekick".

What I love about this machine is the size. It fits perfectly on my work desk which makes it great for my smaller dies. Now I know that these smaller dies work just fine in my big shot, but more often than not my smaller dies got neglected because either there were too many "little" pieces to cut and putting them through the bigger die cut was just too time consuming, or just the pure effort of having to get up every time I wanted to cut a smaller die cut.

Convenience is huge to me, and having this little sidekick on my desk, next to my work area is a huge convenience. I am finding that many of my thinlets work great in this machine, which means I will use them more.  I am in the process of reorganizing my my dies so that they are in a case arms reach to may craft space. I will be able to flip through them easily and quickly when creating without any inconvenience or disruption to my crafting.

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