Recycled Craft Ideas

Ever wonder what to do with all that packaging you get with all your craft items? If you said throw it away, then you really need to keep reading this post.

Many of the packaging we get can be reused and transformed into embellishments for your cards and mixed media creations.

Much of the packaging that is used to hold our embellishments are pretty sturdy and hold up to mixed media items very well. These make perfect items to alter and reuse in your crafting projects.

Now not all cardboard is created equal. Some is thicker than others, so when deciding what cardboard to use, you will need to take into consideration your die cuts you have on hand.

If you have the steal die cuts, then these will easily cut through the thick cardboard. But if you are working with thinlets, then you will need to used the thinner cardboard backings.

I have put together this video to give you some ideas on how to recycle some of those packaging items. This is a two part video and in day two, I will share with you some completed projects using some of these repurposed items.

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  1. Slap me! I've never thought of recycling the packaging as embellishments. What a fabulous idea and video. Thanks, as always xx


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