Valentine Flip Book - The Journey of the Crafting

Hi everyone! I am here today to share with you a Valentine Flip book I made a few weeks ago. It is a wonderful project, but not necessarily an easy one. I knew that I would be listing it in my Etsy shop, but was both happy and sad to wake up this morning to the notification of sale.

So one may ask why I sell rather than keep my projects. I get asked that often, especially with big projects such as this one. The answer is alway the same. While I love getting to the end and admiring my completed project, it is truly the Journey of the Crafting that I most love!

I love the challenge of creating. Watching the transformation is so rewarding. The base of the flip book was pretty easy to put together, it was the decorating that really took some time.

I found it best to work with one paper stack so that the paper matches throughout. I love using paper that has front and back as these combinations work so well and the paper is usually thicker.

The overall book is meant to be a photo keepsake. So you will find plenty of places to add your photos.

The theme is LOVE and you can see that throughout the book.

The middle section opens up to a pocket to add memorabilia or a fun gift card.

I loved putting this book together and it will be hard to see it shipped out today. I hope it will bring happiness to the recipient. I think I see a few more of these books in my future!

Thanks for stopping by!