Organizing my Stash!

Hey everyone! I wanted to share with you a couple of links to help you get some of your stash organized. I don't know about you, but organizing my craft room is one of my major goals for early 2016.

I am not just talking about straightening things up, I am going through everything and getting rid of what I don't use, unmounting wood blocked stamps and storing them in stufftainers, and organizing all my distress inks!

Ranger Inks has several printables to help us organize our Ranger products. One of the ones that has recently been updated is the Distress Ink Chart. This chart is great becuase you can see at a glance what colors you have and how they looked stamped.

Distress Chart

They also have these great distress labels so that you can see what colors you have when they are stacked.

I have several of these stufftainers and plan on adding several more this Christmas! I will use them to store my stamps that I have unmounted from my wood blocks. I am an affiliate of Blitsy and do get a small percentage if you order through my link below. 


If you have never ordered from Blitsy, I welcome you to use this $10 off coupon on your first order. 

Blitsy Brings You The Best In Crafts at Up To 70% Off

 The stamps I have chosen not to keep I will be selling. You can find all the ones I am selling on my Destash tab! To keep up to date on new items listed, you can follow my Destash instagram link @taylormadecards4u_destash

Thanks for stopping by!