Cute items for Christmas

On the lookout for something cute as this was the theme this week over at OSCO. Knew exactly where I wanted to start my scavenger hunt, Lotus Petals. This is Tiger Creeks newest store that has items especially for Babies and Little Girls. I was blessed with a Son, so never had the opportunity to get into all the little girl stuff, but there sure is lots of it. When my son was little, he did like the Power Puff Girls and Dora the Explorer. I found this cute lot of Dora the Explorer items that any little girl would love. These items would be great as a gift or stocking stuffers. The lot includes:

  • Dora the Explore Rings & Earrings 7 Days of the Week Jewelry Set
  • Dora the Explorer Bracelet Set with Dangle Heart Charms
  • Dora the Explore Body Lotion Cherry Scented
  • Dora the Explorer Large 16 Piece Puzzle in Collector's Gift Tin
  • Dora the Explore Snack Containers Pack of 2 for Lunch Boxes or Toddlers

She also has so much more over at Lotus Petals. So if you want to get a head start on those gifts & stocking stuffers, pop over to Lotus Petals!


  1. She does have a lot to chose from... all of it cute!

  2. Thanks guys! I started this store because I have a little girl so, I keep up with the newest trendy toys for girls. Although, I'm still not done moving everything over to Lotus Petals. Trying to correct some things in my other store first plus, the surgery I had got me way behind this week.


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