Stationary for the Holidays

As a card maker, I truly believe in the written note. But with technology these days, many do not take the time to write a letter. So the next best thing is stationary that feeds from your printer. The Blog theme this week is paper. The first thing I thought about of course were cards, but then I found this Christmas Stationary at Eccentric Thrifter. This store not only has stationary, but books on many topics, including the holidays.
Holiday Stationary

During the holidays, along with sending a traditional card, many people take the time to type out what they have done over the year. We have family friends that put their year into a poem, along with pictures and print it out on Christmas stationary. It is fun to read and we look forward to it every year. The holidays are about Family and Friends, so make sure this year you do take the time to send a note to let them know even though our year may have been busy, you are thinking of them, and don't forget to take a moment to visit Eccentric Thrifter.


  1. What a surprise. Wasn't expecting to see my own item here! Thanks for featuring it. Every year I say I might try sending a Christmas letter, but so far, no go.


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